Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bluto Wall

20 9x12 inch oil paintings 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Cop

Id been wanting to paint my former neighbor Arpad Miklos for a while now, I didnt know him wel but he seemed like a nice guy....oil on canvas 12 x 9 inches

Mario Ortiz

Oil on canvas 12 x 9 inches


Vase of Kley

Oil on Canvas 24 x 24 inches

Thursday, January 19, 2017


My friend Evan Garza is one of the best looking guys I know. Ive tried painting his portrait many times and I just can't get it right. A few weeks ago he posted a pic on instagram and I thought "that would be fun to paint"....and it was. I left it fresh and brushy but one brushtroke was feeling too pronounced, so yesterday, a month later....I went in and softened it and added a tiny bit of stubble, now it's done...

Brutus 2

My first crush was on Brutus, I'm glad he and Popeye have finally gotten together...

MICKEY 12-16

My friend Dionysis in Berlin recently adopted a dog named Mickey, I thought he would be fun to paint, I was right.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

London Visitor

some friends were visiting from London and shot a great pic of their son here looking like The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan .......
spending time with this guy over the holidays really made me want to paint him....I loved the photo my friends shot of their son and I envisioned the painting quite differently before it was made.....I just switched on "auto" like Ive been doing lately and this is what came out.....seeing the Alex Katz show at the serpentine with Franklin Evans this past summer and hearing Franklin tell me how Katz does each painting in one session got me excited to try this technique

Trying Something New...

I’m always making a record of an ethereal experience. I’m a conceptual artist, I make work about ideas and the consistant idea is this recording of these experiences that have shaped me...... Brutus was my first crush, Jack and Dionysis, the other two paintings that you see in the photo have both touched me in some ethereal way as well. …I’m always trying different things in my studio and in my life. I'm seeing how far I can stretch the idea of "Making records of ethereal experience" I’m willing to make mistakes and do things that are initially uncomfortable, that some people might not understand and thats where I’m consistent, but I always want to make records of these ethereal experiences.

Right now I have no commitments and no deadlines, so Im just doing what I feel like doing....its a very liberating feeling, believing that I'm enough.....that I don't need a treatise before I start working, that whatever I make is valid and consistent because it's from me....