Thursday, September 6, 2018

Busy August...

I spent August experimenting in the studio with new painting techniques informed by experimenting in screenprinting. These all started out with black liquid acrylic on canvas, I really liked the spontaneity I had achieved by dashing of some designs to be screen printed so I tried combining that technique with oil painting and now I'm really pleased with the results......

Heaven 14 x 11 inches.....8-4-18 

Road To Nowhere 16 x12  8-3-18

Who is it? 12 x 9 inches 8-3-18

Over There 14 x 11 inches 8-23-18

Park Ranger Bluto....8-7-18 , 16x12

Summertime Bluto.....14x11  8-18-18

Happy Day 14x11 august 4 2018.

Fascinstion, 12x9, O/C 8-8-18

People like Bluto 16x12 8-18-18

The Artist...14x11 8-5-18

Hungry 24 x 12 8-6-18

Summer's almost over....

Oil on Canvas, 8-18

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It dawned on me pretty Early on...

That there's an element of self portraiture here....

My Mom Loves Bluto....!

I'm lucky to have such a talented Mom, she's 93 and she painted those trays behind us.....Last week I visited her in Minnesota and gave her a tee shirt.... Love you Mom.

one last screenprint design

here are some of the prints...

Paintings on Paper Become Screenprints

A friend, fred Martinez, asked me to join him at the Newark Screenprinting I dashed these off and the next day some of them became screenprints ......that was fun

The one year Mark

here's me in my studio with a years worth of paintings, roughly January 2018