Sunday, March 11, 2018

I Can't Explain....

Oil on Canvas 40 x 60 inches 3-5-18

This is my biggest painting to date........I was listening to a Who song that David Bowie covered on Pinups..... 

Boy's Keep Swinging

Oil on Canvas 3 x 4 Feet 2-23-18

Little did I know of the battle brewing for me.....

Wild Is The Wind

Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 inches Feb 21 2018

Finished on Nina Simone's birthday, My Friend Michael Alago was her manager for a time, thank god she had someone like him to believe in her during those trying times.....

Bohemian Rhapsody

Oil on Canvas 3 x 4 Feet 2-14-18

The perfect thing to on Valentine's Day, paint 2 guys fighting. This still intrigued me as it was from a 1933 cartoon and that semi-rural background looks like 1933 to me, when my parents were 8 years old and all of the fighting that they did.....

The Show Must Go On

30 x 40 inches oil on Canvas February  13 2018

I was thinking of the internal struggle Freddie Mercury must have been feeling when he made the video for this song. Trying to keep his illness hidden, the guilt and shame so many of my peers were feeling,,,,,

I want To Break Free

Oil on Canvas  3 x 4 Feet, February 11 2018

I felt these could get bigger, so did Walter Robinson, AA Bronson and others and this is my first in a larger scale, this was very exciting to paint

Keep Yourself Alive

Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 inches  February 8 2018

I spent most of February 2018 listening to Queen and trying to paint "Fightclouds",  That's what cartoon people call these complex combinations of motion and body fragments. They're very self-referential.....Id versus Ego, straight versus gay......etc and they are at the core of the relationship between Bluto and Popeye. They are often fighting, ostensibly over Olive Oyl but she usually disappears as soon as the fighting begins and it goes on and on getting more ridiculous and entertaining....... it's just a way for these 2 guys to be together.