Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amanda Lear - I Am A Photograph

In spring 2001 I was in a show in Belgium curated by Jimi Dams called "Not A Lear" Jimi chose a piece tangentially related to Amanda Lear and when the show came to NYC my piece was broken in transit so the curator choose a new piece that I was to deliver to the gallery the day of the opening,  tuesday Sept 11.  

Amanda Lear will be forever associated with 9/11 in my mind so to mark the 10th anniversary of this experience, I spent much of 9/11/11 with a camera on a tripod in a dark room. The lens was focused on the spot between 2 speakers and Amanda Lear's "I am a photograph" was playing....everytime the song began I opened the shutter and when the song ended the shutter closed...

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  1. is there some way I could someday own one of your artworks?